Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp: Which Is The Best App For Chatting? | 2021

Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp: Which Is The Best App For Chatting?

Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp: Which Is The Best App For Chatting?

The best choice for messaging on an Android phone is the GBWhatsapp and not WhatsApp. Some of the features are really amazing and if you use the app, you will get a better value for your money. The one key area where both apps lack is the emoji support and the platform app is not working smoothly. Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp: Which Is The Best App For Chatting?

According to him, the one main advantage of the GBWhatsapp is that it is compatible with every handset. Although, many of the features are similar to WhatsApp, yet, the app is capable of offering faster and secure chat services. So if you have an Android phone and you need something similar to WhatsApp, then the GBWhatsapp is the best. The support is far better and the app is free. Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp: Which Is The Best App For Chatting?

Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp

The advantage of the GBWhatsApp app is its security. The user can customize all permissions from the GBWhatsApp app. There are various customizations in the GBWhatsApp app, but it is not recommendable to root your device, because the app will be useless if you do so. Have a look at the screenshots and we will try to help you know better. In any case, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the GBWhatsApp app. Whatsapp vs GBWhatsApp Pros • There are not any ads or hidden features in the GBWhatsApp app. You can enjoy your free and simple GBWhatsApp mobile app. If you use Instagram, then you will be aware of the ads on Instagram. Many of you are not aware that your WhatsApp account can be accessed through your Instagram profile.

How to install GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp for Android is not just another apps but a ‘book’ itself. It has a vast user base and is highly popular in India and other countries across the globe. With so many applications in the market, it is always useful to check which one gives you the best experience. For that, you can refer to some trusted websites. If you wish to download GBWhatsApp for Android, then you can check below two links below: How to install GBWhatsApp And then, go to the GBWhatsApp download link. Click on download GBWhatsApp now and in the Google Play store, the download notification will appear. The download link will contain the app file for Android smartphones. In order to install the app, it must be on top of your list of apps on your smartphone.

Whats new in this app?

There are all new features for an app called as Shhya app or hidden mode. According to its changelog, this application is capable of hiding the status bar, blue tick, and text entry boxes of the chat in the WhatsApp apps. For the change in status bar icons, you need to download this app, once you have it installed, you can see the new icons in the app’s status bar. WhatsApp v2.17.19 When you launch the app, it will ask you if you want to hide all of the features or only those features that you need to hide. After this question, you will be guided to choose the security level. This is the new option added in the new update of this app. Which version of WhatsApp is the GBWhatsApp based on?


As far as WhatsApp is concerned, the app is available for all platforms and there are lots of hacks and hacks of blue ticks and new status. So, this one does not work on iPhone. Let’s see the list of features that GBwhatsapp has: – Offers chat system with threading support; this feature allows users to have access to shared multimedia files and make chat group conversations even more interesting. – Supports sending any type of files like images, videos, GIF images and animated PNG and ZIP files with more basic file management.

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