The best smartphone apps for Tourism | mobile apps for travel and tourism

The best smartphone apps for tourism

mobile apps for travel and tourism

In today’s world where there are other preparations for travel and travel, there are also some smartphone apps (Apps) that are very helpful during the journey. There are colorful apps for tourists or travelers, but most of the apps are not very useful for Pakistan at the moment. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. With the help of weather and route information, hotel search, its location on the ground and its location, stars, planets, speed, directions and altitude from the sea level, etc. are known. And you and your entire journey can be tracked and you can see where you are at the moment or where you are traveling from the comfort of your own online home. Apart from all these, there is a lot more to know from these apps. There are many benefits to using them while traveling. Let’s take a detailed look at these apps.


The first and foremost thing for tourism is the season of the tourist destination or area. In my opinion, the best app to find out about the weather is AccuWeather. If the internet is available, you can use this app to check the weather of important places in detail. It is usually pre-installed in smartphones. If not, Android smartphone owners can install from this link. Tune in to your iPhone and find your own store. 3

Google Maps

The second most important thing after the season is the map of routes and important places. The Google Maps app for maps is currently available worldwide. It can be used to find out the route from one place to another and the duration of the journey. Rather, it guides you as you travel. It also describes the traffic situation in major cities. Location Sharing is an option in Google Maps that can also be used for live location sharing. It has many benefits. For example, if you want to meet a servant, share the location of that servant or yourself and then ask Google Maps to take me to that location, the app will guide. Also, you can see where you are at the moment or where you are going from the comfort of your own home. This will only happen when the internet is available. But one of the great features of Google Maps is its offline maps. Whenever I have to go to an area, I download the map of that area in the form of offline maps from home. Thus, even if there is no internet, a map of routes and places becomes available. There are many other apps for searching hotels etc., but I also take this job from Google Maps. In addition to this, I also save the places I have to visit during my travels in Google Maps. This app is usually pre-installed on smartphones. If not, Android users can install from this link.

GPS Status & Toolbox

Whether you need a compass, ie to find directions, to see your speed, to find out the rate of change in your speed, that is, to find the acceleration, or to reach a place and its latitude and longitude or GPS Status & Toolbox is the best app for finding out the altitude of this place. Not only this, with the help of this app you can save your current location and return home and see the saved places on the map. The saved locations can also be exported and saved to your mobile or computer. This app also allows you to copy your current location or share it with others. In addition, the more sensors there are in the smartphone, the more the functions of this app will increase. For example, if there is a temperature sensor, this app will also tell the temperature. Such an air pressure sensor will tell the pressure. Android users can install this app from this link.

My Tracks

An app called MyTracks was originally from Google. But I don’t know why Google shut down that app, even though it was a great app. Well now there is another app with the same name. With this app you can create your own track. This app will record wherever you go. After returning from the trip, you can see on the map where you passed. One of the benefits of this app is that you can create a track to a destination and then return according to the same track. That is, even if you forget the way back, you can find out from the app. Tracks created through this app can also be shared with other users of the app and view the tracks of those who have shared. You can also export the track and save it to your mobile or computer. Link to the MyTracks app.


I use the Sky View app whenever I want to know the location of the Sun, the Moon and the rotation of the stars, the International Space Station (ISS) or the Hubble Space Telescope. The biggest advantage of this app is that if you point the smartphone towards any star, then this app will tell the name of that star. If you want to take a photo at night while having fun, this app can find out which side has more stars or which important stars are coming in the picture.

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