Google meet vs zoom for teaching |Google meet vs zoom for students

Google meet vs zoom

Google meet vs zoom |Google meet vs zoom for students | Which one is better for you?

Hello friend, welcome to our website, so let’s go to the topic, the Google meet App is available on both the play store and app store, I currently have it installed on my Android device. I’m going to go ahead to launch it. So we take a look at it.

So that’s the app here. And once you launch the app,  the first thing you see is actually a video of yourself and then a couple of options. So at the very bottom, you have a new meeting as well as meeting code, and then you have to present a rejoin 

 I’m seeing present a rejoin because I was in a meeting earlier on before I left so I have the chance of going back to that particular meeting in case I want to, so let me just hit on rejoining.

So let me just admit, because I was the host for that particular meeting. So as you can see, this is a  friend who has actually joined the meeting. I get to see his face. No one wants to see your face master.

So I get to see his face in the video. And then at this particular section,  You have the participants. So as you can see, I  have new participants here, and then also you have the option to see messages that people are sending in.

How to use Zoom and Meet? | Google meet vs zoom

And then when you come to the third option, you have information about the meeting that is actually being held to your, you can get to share the meeting code with people. In case you want more people to join. And then once I come back here, I can actually turn off my microphone by simply tapping on this.

I can end the meeting.  I can also go ahead to turn off my video in case I  don’t want the other participant to see my face.  And then one interesting feature that has been added to the Google meet App, has to do with the caption option,

which is just at the top here.  Now, once I enable this caption option, you realize that it starts translating or just given a text version of whatever I’m saying. So that is the case.  People are finding it a bit difficult to hear me. 

It makes it easier for them to probably read the text version of whatever I will say that’s a  very cool, unique feature in there. And then also I can decide to switch between my speaker.

So in case, I want to use the phone’s speaker or the inbuilt speaker, or loudspeaker on the inbuilt speaker for the phone as well, I can turn off the audio from this option here. And then these three dots also gives you the chance of switching between the Cameras,  So either the back camera or the front camera,  you turn off caption presents screen.

So present screen is also parts of the new features where you can showcase whatever you have on your screen for people to see or in case you have any kind of a presentation you want to go ahead to present then you go ahead to present that.

So basically these are the few things you can see with the Google meet app which I find very more interesting as compared to that Google meets vs zoom. So I will go ahead to switch to Zoom so we take a look at it as well.

Google meet vs zoom

Open zoom and meet app | Google meet vs zoom

 So I’ll continue to launch the zoom App. And as you launch the Zoom App, a couple of options,  just like you saw in the meet app. So you have a new meeting, you have to join, schedule, share, and a couple of other options which I find very cool. Now what I seemed not to be so much happy about the zoom App is that once you are, let’s say a participant or you are joining a meeting for the very first time. And in case you’ve not used the zoom app before it’s sometimes a bit difficult to find your way out. Google meet vs zoom

Features of zoom and meet | Google meet vs zoom

You sometimes have to swipe to see the participants in case you don’t do that because there’s nothing showing that you have to swipe to see participants and the rest and aside that is basically the same thing that the Google meet app is offering,  allowing you to start a new meeting, allowing you to join the meeting, over here at Zoom  You have a chance of scheduling meeting, which is good.

You can also go to share your screen,  just like you saw in the Google meet app. And then you also, have access to your contacts, to which you can easily share the links. And you have this setting as well. So these two apps are basically doing almost the same thing with Google meet App. You have the chance of having about 250 participants.

I haven’t really checked for the limit for zoom on PC In case you want to have access to Google meet, you go to  Google to Then you should be on the Google meets page, which allows you to start a new meeting by simply hitting on the start a new meeting here. And in case you already have a meeting that you want to join, if you have the meeting code, you can enter that here to join the meeting.  So once I click on start a new meeting,

it’s going to ask for some permission to use my microphone. So I’m going to go ahead to allow this and allow probably allow my camera,  no, I don’t want to allow my camera for now. So  I’m just going to allow the microphone. Okay, let me just leave that for now. And then I go ahead to hit on the join now. So once I, I start the meeting. 

 I have the chance of copying the meeting code and then sharing it with people for them to join. So I  also have the chance of adding new people over here by entering their email addresses. So I select them then I’m good to go. So basically these are the options. As well as you have the turn-on caption,  which we saw on the mobile app.

And then also you have the present option here, which allows you to show your screen and present in case you have any PowerPoint presentation you want to do your go-ahead to do that. And then also You also have a couple of options on the desktop or the PC as compared to that of a mobile phone. So basically these are the options you have available with Google meet when you’re using it on a  PC. In all these two apps actually doing the same thing, but when it comes to what I prefer,

  I probably go in for the Google meet App because taking a look at the user-friendliness of that particular app is much better as compared to that of zoom, but Hey, zoom is actually doing a great job. And a lot of people, are actually using it too.  And it’s, it’s very, very interesting that it’s become a lifesaver, especially at this time of the  Coronavirus in case you use zoom and you haven’t tried the google meet App before you can go ahead and then try it out. Google meet vs zoom

Comparsion on meet vs zoom

Google meet vs zoom

Install Required to use in 2021?

Google Meet




Number of Participants?

Google Meet

100 Limited view of people


250 good views of people in the meeting.

The time limit of the meeting?

Google Meet



None (40 mint with basic account)

Invitation in meeting

Google Meet



Not directly send URL.

Bonus Features

Google Meet



File share

Password protection etc.

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