Google and Modern Geography

Traveling from one place to another is one of the basic human needs. Google and Modern Geography. As the world’s population grew, so did travel to remote areas. At every age, the servant who had a correct idea of ​​the routes and directions was given great importance, because under his leadership caravans traveled in the seas, deserts, mountains, and plains. In any case, only those who know the routes and destinations become leaders. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. In the past, the direction was determined by the sun, the moon, and especially the stars. But over time, many types of maps and compasses have been developed. Well, times changed and science progressed day by day. Here is some historical and basic information about geography and maps

Google and Modern Geography

Today’s modern means of transportation such as ships and vehicles are equipped with very high-quality navigation system machines, with the help of which complete information of destination and route can be obtained very easily. And so in the case of smartphones, the little machine has come within the reach of man. Thanks to which not only communication with the world is established but now compass, maps, and GPS facilities are also available in smartphones. In this modern system, there is information about the paths, directions, and distances, but also the real picture. Maps of the whole world can be explored in just a few minutes.

Smartphones or other machines with navigation systems have a compass and GPS hardware. Usually, the direction is known from the compass, but if the compass hardware is not attached, then the direction is also known from the GPS while traveling. GPS works by connecting to at least four satellites at a time and indicates a location, altitude and speed. In addition, geographic information and maps are either pre-installed on the machine or simultaneously obtained from various companies or institutions via the Internet.

Today, various organizations are providing free geographic information and mapping services. Notable among them are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and Wikipedia. So these are more than one, but where Google is overshadowed by its other unique features, there are Google Maps and Google Earth.

As many of the world’s services such as various social media websites, Wikipedia and YouTube have grown with public support, the general public has contributed little by little and that service has grown into a very large organization. Similarly, Google Earth and Maps have a large share of the public. Initially, Google created a cursory map of the Earth, identifying some countries, cities, and locations, as well as maps of a few cities and roads. Then they started a few services through which anyone could contribute. The biggest examples are Google Map Maker (Panoramio) and SketchUp. With Google Map Maker, anyone using the Internet can create maps and point to different places. More panoramas can be used to upload a picture of any location and make a 3D map of a building via Sketchup. Google Map Maker, Panorama, and SketchUp check the new content added by Google Moderators and, if correct, add this content to Google Maps and Google Earth etc. However, the public took an active part in all this work, ie mapping and uploading pictures. Google Earth / Map has so much to do with users and cartographers. Today is the time when most of the roads and places have been identified. While people from other parts of the world took part in creating Google maps, Pakistanis were not far behind. See the details of Google’s Pakistani mappers here.

Google Earth / Maps is currently very popular for its geo-maps and geographic information. They are available for almost all computer operating systems as well as most smartphones. Get information from Google Maps up to the vehicle navigation system. Google Earth / Maps is able to provide different features due to different hardware in different machines i.e. computers and mobiles etc. That is, if the machine has a compass and GPS hardware, then the direction and location can be indicated. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Google Earth / Maps right now.

Google Maps is basically a complete mapping program. It can be used to find different types of maps, search for a place, distance from one place to another, route and time required. If the machine, such as a smartphone, has a GPS feature, then the program can take content from the satellite and tell the current location and direction of travel, etc., and if you have already told Google Maps that from a certain place to a certain place. If you have to go to, then while traveling, you are told at the same time that you should now turn to such and such or go straight and so on and so forth. It also provides updates on traffic on various roads. In Google Maps, any user can identify and save their favorite places so that they can be found instantly instead of searching when needed. Remember to create your favorite location in Google Maps or Earth in Google Map Maker.

Google Earth is a great software for maps and especially geography. Google Earth has almost all the features of Google Maps, as well as many additional features. With the help of satellite images, the planet has been created just like the real earth. Just as the globe used to have maps and they could be rotated to see the earth, so Google Earth is much more than that. It allows the earth to be viewed from any angle, and the mountains, etc., to be as high as they really are. In Google Earth, a place can be found at sea level, its longitude, and latitude. It also shows where the day is and where the night is at the moment. The street content that has been added to Google Earth can be viewed through Street View as if someone were walking down those streets. Map maker maps, panorama-uploaded images of places, and sketch-up buildings can also be viewed on Google Earth. Further information on weather, oceans, and locations provided by international organizations can also be easily viewed. In addition, the solar system, the moon, and Mars can be observed.

When a location in Google Earth is zoomed in, various information related to that location is displayed, then the desired description is retrieved by clicking on the icon. ۔ It provides so much information about a variety of places that it would be difficult to see the map from below if all the signs were visible. Therefore, not all layers of information are selected when Google Earth is installed. Later different layers can be selected or removed according to your need.

Google Earth / Maps is currently being used by people from all walks of life around the world, especially travelers, tourists and geography students. There are people in the world who are very fond of geography and often turn different types of maps. Google Earth has been a great blessing for such people. Now the time has come when instead of explaining the address of a place, people point to that place in Google Earth or Maps and send its file / code via email. When another person opens this file in Google Earth or sees the code in Google Maps, he gets a good idea of ​​the location, but the same file or code leads him to that location. The secrets of the world have been identified and today the earth is being seen through the eyes of Google.

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